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Web Development

ADD WINGS TO YOUR BUSINESS, Every great business takes wings with the launch of profesionaly designed website

Powerful Development, C#, Sql Servert
Effective Marketting Tools Email Campaign Manager
Professional 24X7 Support Live Support, Email Support

Web Hosting Fast , Reliable , and Cost Effective hosting for your websites Email Hosting Host Your Email With Us , Stay Out of Virus’s and Spams Organizational Tools Tools for your emails, making your work fast and accurate


Website Hosting

IT-EXperts provides a very fast reliable and secure web hosting for your web based applications and web sites. We support both hosting of the following technologies:

Closed Source Technologies

We support almost all the latest closed source technologies, with great efficiency and regular backups with 99% server uptime. Below is the list of some technologies which our servers can host:


Closed Source Technologies


  • Asp
  • 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Ms Access

Open Source Technologies

We also support open source technologies,


  • Php
  • My Sql

CMS Hosting


We support almost all Popular Open Source Content management, below is the list of all open source CMS we support


  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • dijango

In simple words, we will listen to you and set up only those services for you which you need, so that you won’t loose any money in buying any additional service which you don’t need

Email Hosting

IT-Experts help you to create your unique and personalized email address based on your company domain or your personal domain, IT-Experts  has a great expertise in hosting emails, the easy to use email interface with full of organizational tools makes it more efficient and user-friendly. The organizational tools like calendar, and online files and folders, and a very powerful protection against viruses and email spam’s.