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Web Development

ADD WINGS TO YOUR BUSINESS, Every great business takes wings with the launch of profesionaly designed website

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Static Websites

Static web sites can be the first step in introducing your business to the world via internet. A business can go for static website, it does not require changes in and content and product often, however changes to the static website will require knowledge of web programming.

Static websites will act as your online company brochure and will act a point of contact between you business and customers. Static websites can provide the information about

  • Your Business,
  • Your Products
  • Services You Offer
  • Enquiry Forms
  • Contact Details

User who browse your site can find your contact details easily and hence can reach you in a very convenient way.

IT-Experts offers static websites with difference, along with static website we give you your personal private email address like which will and can be very helpful in developing your company brand and add a feather in your company reputation.

IT-Experts designs both Static sites and Dynamic sites keeping in view the standards set by different search engines so that it will appear high in search results and become visible at top most to the users as a site which is not visible in the search engines is not so effective than the site which appears high in search results. Keeping all this in mind we do the basic Search engine optimization (SEO) while designing the site but if clients has a professional approach to SEO then we have several SEO packages which can suit your needs.

As already discussed that the static website updating require programming skills so when the user needs to update the contents he has to approach the vendor for the updations to be done if he doesn’t have the programming skills.IT-Experts gives all the clients especially clients with static sites a very budget friendly Annual maintenance Contract (AMC) where IT-Experts will do all the updations in the contract period.

So what are you waiting for? It you are planning a static web site ,IT-Experts are the best choice for designing that , we assure a professional , beautiful look and most importantly an efficient  website.

Feel free to contact us via our Live Chat Support, Email Enquiry or phone support. We assure the great continues support this time and every time.